5 Top Tips To Make The Most Of Your Retreat

5th September 2019
by Lottie

You’ve booked your space, you’ve packed your bag and you’ve put your out-of-office on; retreat life is waiting for you but how are you going to make the most of it? We want you to soak up every bit of goodness from your time with us so we’ve come up with top tips which will help you.

1. Let go of expectations for the week and of yourself

If it’s your first retreat you might be feeling a little apprehensive about it and wondering what to expect. The best thing to do it come with an open mind and heart and be up for trying everything. Even if you’re new to yoga or any of the activities; give everything a go. This is your chance to discover new passions, new foods and new friends so set your reservations aside and dive right in.

2. Adopt healthy lifestyle habits

You’re away from your usual distractions at home like work, TV, family members so why not take this opportunity to adapt healthy lifestyle habits like getting a good night’s sleep. Try not to take your phone to bed or stay up late watching YouTube videos. You’ll be feeling zen and most likely exhausted from a full-on day so read a few pages of your book, journal, then turn off the lights and get a good 8 hours.

3. Ask lots of questions

You’ll have experts with you all week or weekend-long so make the most of them. From the trainers to the chefs, if you have any questions then ask away. Everyone at Our Retreat is warm and welcoming and is more than happy to spend one on one time with you. Maybe even make a list of a few burning questions you have in the lead up to the retreat.

4. Enjoy your surroundings

Our Retreat locations are stunning and surrounded by beautiful nature. Take time during your free time to make the most of the surroundings, go for a little stroll around the grounds or cosy up under a tree with your book. Being around nature is one of the most uplifting and peaceful things you can do so make the most of having it on your doorstep.

5. Listen to your body and mind

The change of environment and routine will allow you to tune into you so listen to your body to see what comes up for you. Retreat life is a great time for self-reflection; we encourage journaling and checking in with how you are feeling. Take time to mindfully eat and notice when you feel full up, enjoy the taste and texture of your food. Notice if you need to drink more water, get some fresh air or take a nap. Go with the flow and enjoy not having anything to worry about except for yourself.


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