Top Tips For Starting Pilates

13th November 2019
by Lottie

I’m Lottie, the creative assistant and pilates teacher here at Our Retreat and I wanted to share with you my top tips for starting Pilates. We get a lot of guests come on retreat who have done yoga but not as much Pilates and that’s amazing because it means they get a great start to the practice with daily classes but I thought I’d give you some little tips and helpful things to think about if you are coming onto a retreat or joining a Pilates class for the first time.


Breathing is a key principle of Pilates as it helps posture, mobility and keep the flow of movement. When we try to engage muscles too much, it can sometimes cause us to hold our breath. Throughout this Pilates workout and all forms of exercise try to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth evenly and fully encouraging your body to relax but maintain stability.

Slow Down

When you start a Pilates or exercise programme it’s not about how quick you can go. It’s important to focus on the correct technique and form to ensure you’re working your body efficiently. I’d encourage you to really slow down your movements, it’s about the quality of each exercise rather than the quantity.

Engage Your Core

Try to maintain subtle tone to your abdominals through the exercises and when you inhale and exhale. This will keep you stable and support your spine and joints. You should still be able to breathe and move though so don’t over engage.

Check It Out

If you are starting a Pilates practice at home without an instructor present then I would advise you to do the workout next to a mirror. You can keep an eye on your form yourself and you’ll notice if you’re twisted or if your position doesn’t look like the photo demonstration. When you feel confident then you can try without the mirror.

Take It Into Your Every Day

The real benefits of Pilates will be felt throughout your daily life. You’ll see improvements in your posture, your other activities and in the way you feel generally. Try not to do the workout and then forget everything. Sit up tall at your desk, check your alignment when you bend down to pick something up and breathe fully as your run for a bus.

Here’s some Pilates routines you could try at home…

Quick Morning Pilates Routine 
Pilates For Relaxation and Calming 
3 Minute Glute Routine





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