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Our Retreat with Lottie Murphy & Emily Spriggs


A beautiful Balance

Our Retreat have teamed up with Lottie Murphy and Emily Spriggs to bring you a luxury Pilates  and Yoga retreat, held at our stunning farmhouse in Somerset. This retreat will be offering you daily Pilates, yoga & meditation sessions along with long country walks, chilling out by the fire reading and pampering yourself to a massage. 

Lottie’s Pilates classes are fun, dynamic and more challenging than they look. You’ll be worked from head to toe strengthening and stretching as well as improving your posture, coordination and core stability. Lottie believes good alignment, breathing and mindfulness are all key to gaining to most from your workout so you’ll come away from each session with so much more than sore glutes and abs. Lottie has taught with a very wide range of clients from beginners to established Pilates teachers and people of all ages with various conditions and injuries so anyone and everyone can enjoy a session with Lottie. 

Along with your Pilates sessions you will also have the benefits of daily yoga and meditation sessions with Emily. Classes with Emily are fluid, uplifting and dynamic. She likes to flow with grace and ease through the postures and she takes great pride in providing dedicated care and assistance to all guests. 

On the retreat, Lottie  and Emily will be there there to answer any questions you have about Pilates, yoga, health, fitness and having a balanced lifestyle. This retreat will leave you feeling refreshed, rested and rejuvenated.