A Luxury UK Farmhouse

42 Acres, Somerset

This stunning, secluded 11 bedroom farmhouse is perfect for you get to away from the hustle and bustle of life and retreat with us. Nestled within secluded Somerset valley this farmhouse is fully equipped to make your stay pure bliss. With plenty of outdoor and indoor space for Pilates and yoga, 42 Acres is designed with your journey in mind.

The Farmhouse

This stunning farmhouse is set on 42 acres of woodland, the owners work with the land and its natural resources. They use reclaimed materials to outfit the interior and all of the power is renewable and self-generated through biomass and solar power.

This elegant house has 11 bedrooms all fitted out to a high standard and each as beautiful as the next. With a fully functioning kitchen, communal areas and chill out zones this house will have you finding your Zen as soon as you arrive.


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