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Our Retreat with Annie Clarke

28th - 31st July

A Mind & Body Balance - Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Annie Clarke is a yoga teacher, author and founder of lifestyle and wellbeing blog Mind Body Bowl. Annie believes that each of us is totally unique, especially in terms of what balance and wellbeing means so her classes, writing and teaching focusses on connecting the student to themselves in order to tap in to their intuition and find their own, unique sense of wellbeing. This weekend will be all about just that - providing you with the opportunity to tune out of all the distractions in the world around you and tune in to your own senses in order to find a greater state of personal awareness, in whatever form that means to you. Classes will be open level and each day will be built around 2 practices - one yin and one yang to encourage balance within the body and mind.




A Typical Day

All activities are optional - this is YOUR stay

Morning Class

Each morning will start with a meditation practice and dynamic, mindful yoga flow to help set the tone for the day. Whether you are brand new to meditation or a regular sitter, the meditation part will be catered to suit the whole group to help you embark on the first steps or build upon your existing practice. Yoga will be creative and mindful, offering dynamic movement as well as the opportunity for stillness so that you can take exactly what you feel you need from your practice.


Annie's favourite meal of the day is breakfast so the onsite chef will nourish you with a delicious first meal of the day. Anniebelieves in abundance of healthy food, without restriction or deprivation. All the food will be plant-based and free of dairy and gluten but there will be the option to add fish to some meals and the focus will always be on fresh, colourful food.


Free time


After breakfast, there will be plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You will have total permission to switch off and take what you need from your time away, whether that be fresh air, extra sleep, getting lost in a good book or making new friends. There will also be an opportunity to enjoy a yoga workshop and a creative workshop during the stay (more to be revealed on arrival). 


It’s time to step back and enjoy a freshly prepared, mouth-watering lunch. Our food often goes down as people’s favourite part of their experience at Our Retreat. 


Our walks are always an adventure, leading you through the dramatic and stunning setting of the English countryside. Acres of forest land are right on the door step of our Farmhouse.   A perfect way to exercise without feeling the pain and the views and pathways will take your breath away. 

Yin Yoga

There will be a late afternoon yin practice to balance out the morning yang. For those new to yin, this is a truly wonderful, healing yoga experience, which will guide you into a state of deep relaxation while working with the deep connective tissues of the body to open up the body, mind and provide the space and opportunity to release any physical or emotional patterns that you wish to let go of.


Your evening meal will surprise and delight you every time. The chefs work hard to produce only the finest dishes and becomes an exciting affair for the whole group to enjoy.

Evening entertainment

The evenings are your time as well, but for those who want to enjoy something within the group, you will have the option to join in with our evening schedule too. From sound baths to bonfires, there are some wonderful things in store to enhance your relaxation and make sure you leave feeling full up on good vibes.


Visit our Enquiries & Bookings page for details on how you can begin your Our Retreat experience.