Our Retreat with Mark Ireland & Jade McClernon

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8th - 11th September

Fitness, Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Our Retreat are excited to announce a retreat with Mark Ireland and Jade McClernon. Mark became a Personal Trainer, founding Mark Ireland Strength & Fitness in 2014, after amassing over a decade in Professional Sport. Being a professional rugby player for 13 years has given Mark the invaluable experience of working alongside world class athletes and strength and conditioning coaches developing his knowledge first hand within strength and fitness work. 

Now he can be found as a trainer at the Foundry in London (@foundryfit) delivering one on one personal training, semi-private Personal training and various classes such as strongman and circuits based classes. Clients can expect top quality strength and conditioning and circuit based sessions. Using a variety of methods and techniques ranging from met con sessions, kettle bell work, speed and agility and plyometrics to push the physical boundaries. 

Creating the environment is key... Smiles, laughs and the occasional grimace/curse is what makes it happen

Along side your training you will have yoga sessions with the wonderful Jade McClernon. Jade teaches vinyasa flow that is intelligently organised offering peaks and challenges within a fun and creative structure.

Yoga is a journey back home to the true self, Jade likes to take her students on a journey throughout their practice, working hard in order to reconnect and balance the pranic energy within. Jade loves dynamic flows with lots of heart openers and time for enquiry. 

Morning classes will involve pranayama, dynamic flow and fun inversions followed by a sweet luna flow and the sweetest shavasana.Evening classes will involve a dreamy meditation and yin flow to set you up for a restful nights sleep.

Be prepared to sweat, reconnect and open up to the beauty of you.


A Typical Day

Morning workout

Start the day as you mean to go on with a high intensity workout in and around the grounds of our stunning farmhouse. You’ll be in the supportive hands of a Mark who will guide and encourage you to hit new goals every session.


Time to fuel up. An energising breakfast prepared with care by our onsite chef will send your taste buds into a frenzy and give you a much-needed boost after your invigorating morning HIIT workout.

Dynamic Flow Yoga

Following a intense morning workout, its time to focus your thoughts and body with a guided session of Dynamic Flow Yoga. Jade's morning classes will involve pranayama, dynamic flow and fun inversions followed by a sweet luna flow and the sweetest shavasana, leaving you feeling  invigorated  and ready for the day ahead.


It’s time to step back and enjoy a freshly prepared, mouth-watering lunch. Our food often goes down as people’s favourite part of their experience at Our Retreat. 

Free time

We believe the best hours of the day are best spent relaxing so lunch is always followed by some free time to yourself. Take yourself off for an afternoon nap, curl up by the fire and read your favourite book or indulge in a spot of pampering...the choice is yours.


Our walks are always an adventure, leading you through the dramatic and stunning setting of the English countryside. Acres of forest land are right on the door step of our Farmhouse.   A perfect way to exercise without feeling the pain and the views and pathways will take your breath away. 

Afternoon Abs or Glute Class

You’ll never be far away from activity. An afternoon of  Abs or glute session is the perfect way to hone your strength and complement high intensity training. These sessions are focused but fun; it’s wonderful to notice your progression along with the rest of your group. 


Your evening meal will surprise and delight you every time. The chefs work hard to produce only the finest dishes and becomes an exciting affair for the whole group to enjoy.

Yin Yoga

Time for some restorative and yin yoga to calm the mind, stretch the body and hold your poses, which  allow a deeper stretch and calmness of the mind.



Visit our Enquiries & Bookings page for details on how you can begin your Our Retreat experience.