Our Trainers

The force driving your transformation at Our Retreat is the people who train you.

We’ve made sure you get access to different types of health and fitness approaches during your time at Our Retreat that, when combined, act as a fast track for your fitness levels, overall strength and journey to wellness.

Each trainer has been carefully selected to ensure you benefit from time spent with world-class experts in each health and fitness field. They are all incredibly attentive, care greatly about their students’ progress and are a breeze to get along with.

Meet the team and discover more about each of your trainers below.

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Name: Richie

Speciality: Strength & fitness conditioning / mindfullness and mobility/ Nutrition


Richie is a certified trainer with a professional background in rugby and athletics. He has trained with internationally-acclaimed sports professionals from around the world and studied alongside pioneers in health, fitness and nutrition.

The results for you:

Richie will work with you to boost your whole body strength, transforming you into a fitter, more toned version of yourself.

You’ll focus on functional movements and using your own bodyweight as a workout tool to hone a flexible, iron-strong core. No complicated equipment, just simple, effective exercises. This helps keep you ‘in the zone’ from beginning to end.

Richie’s in depth knowledge and detailed demonstrations mean you’ll never be left with questions unanswered during his HIIT and circuit training sessions. You’ll always be ready to take the next level up.

Your sessions with Richie will be enriched by his nutritional expertise. An avid superfood chef himself, Richie takes the time to understand your body’s nutritional needs and works alongside our chefs to develop only the most suitable meals to complement your daily workouts.

Training style:

Richie’s energy and Yorkshireman’s charm is infectious and will keep you motivated throughout each fun and lively session. You’ll work hard and see superb results for it. 

Lottie Murphy.jpg

Name: Lottie

Speciality: Pilates


You may know Lottie as the hugely successful lifestyle blogger, Lottie Murphy. But her greatest expertise lies in Pilates. Lottie is a qualified and highly respected Pilates instructor who’s taught groups and individuals since her time training at the renowned Body Control Pilates in 2012.

Lottie credits the practice for keeping her uninjured throughout years of intense training at London’s Central School of Ballet and as a professional dancer in the years following.

The results for you:

Pilates training with Lottie are fun, dynamic and more challenging than they look. You will worked from head to toe strengthening and stretching as well as improving your posture, coordination and core stability.   will make your body more supple, strong and coordinated. Your posture and flexibility will automatically see improvements, too.

Besides the physical benefits of practicing Pilates, it also does wonders for your mindset. Lottie believes good alignment, breathing and mindfulness are all key to gaining the most out of your workout. Slow and precise movements that require your unwavering focus will leave you feeling calm and uplifted, so you will come away from each session with so much more than sore glutes and abs. 

Training style:

Your sessions with Lottie will be calm, flowing and fun, packed with dynamic movement and plenty of focus.


Name: Emily

Speciality: Vinyasa Yoga & Barre


Before coming a yoga instructor, Emily trainer and worked as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. Emily has toured all across Europe with the Danish Dance Theatre and she has been involved in a number of creative collaborations in the UK

Emily was initially drawn to the physical benefits of yoga, however as soon as she started to practice regularly, Emily realised that the spiritual teachings and calming qualities were by far the greatest benefits to her

Outside of her yoga practise, Emily is studying to become a Health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. With this added knowledge, Emily hopes to use her skills to work with Clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes.

The results for you:

Your time with Emily will be a game changer for relaxing your mind and releasing tensions throughout the body. Vinyasa yoga’s positive impact on your wellbeing will provide just the respite you need from the demands of everyday life.

For your body, the sessions will tone your spine, improve your full body strength and fast-track your flexibility.

Training style:

Classes with Emily are fluid, uplifting and dynamic. She likes to flow with grace and ease through the postures and takes great pride in proving dedicated care and assistance to all clients.