What's Included


A break away at Our Retreat offers a rejuvenating escape from the rigours of modern life.

If you want to transform your body and mind but just don’t have the time to focus on yourself, we’re here to change that for good.

  •   Indulge in a three night stay at a luxury Farmhouse in the stunning landscapes of Somerset UK.
  •    Nourish your body with freshly prepared, delicious meals every day - courtesy of a professional chef. Clean eating that’s nutritionally balanced to complement your programme.
  •  Spend each day with world class Pilates, yoga and meditation experts. Discover new ways to reach your goals, watch your body transform and let your mind reset.
  •  Form close bonds with like-minded people.
  •   Fuel your body the right way with personalised nutritional advice from fitness experts who observe how your body works. Realistic professional guidance you’ll want to use back home to continue your journey.
  •  Soak up the beauty of the great English countryside.
  •    Unwind with new activities every evening. From workshops, cookery lessons and music to meditation and sound healing.
  •   All the space you need to refresh including a luxurious bedrooms 
  •  You’ll get results for your body and mind that leave you feeling refreshed and energised.


Visit our Enquiries & Bookings page for details on how you can begin your Our Retreat experience.