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What Happens at a Yoga Retreat?

Our retreats are for everyone, no matter your relationship with fitness or your experience with yoga. Whether you’re with us for a week or just a weekend, you can expect incredible food, invigorating movement and mindful practices that will continue to provide strength and perspective long after you leave.




Yoga is at the heart of every one of our retreats. Whether you’re kickstarting the day with a dynamic guided Vinyasa session or stretching your body whilst soothing your mind before dinner, bring your thoughts into focus and your whole body in line as you develop or deepen your practice.


Balance is also fundamental to our retreat experiences. These trips are designed to help you unwind, so you’ll always have opportunities to spend time by yourself relaxing by the pool, chilling on the beach or curling up beside the fireplace.  


Our retreats bring small groups together and we like to make the most of the chance to connect and converse. Every evening on a retreat you’ll have a different activity to enjoy with the other guests, such as movie nights, wine tasting or pizza making. Relax, have fun and get to know each other in these precious pockets of time away from the rest of the world.



The perfect companion to a yoga practice, pilates is the best way to get your muscles working and your whole body engaged. Under the tuition of our expert instructors, work up a sweat and feel stronger with every session, whether you’re out in the sunshine or in one of our studios.


Many of our retreats take place amongst incredible scenery, so we like to make the most of our surroundings and plan hiking excursions as part of the itinerary. Explore the dramatic coastline of Ibiza and Italy, the rolling fields of Dorset and Somerset or the towering peaks of the Apennines or Alps; the ideal way to exercise with views that take your breath away.

Surfing, Paddleboarding and Boat Trips

Adventure is never far away on one of our yoga retreats. Not only will we keep our guests active through training, but we’ll also give them a holiday to remember with a range of fun activities for those who want it. Whether you’re learning to surf, cruising the coast on a catamaran or stand-up paddleboarding alongside the beach, there’s even more to discover out on the water.



Our retreats focus on healthy practices and active experiences, but we also want them to feel like a holiday. Every place we host a retreat has plenty of luxurious touches to make your stay extra special, from private pools and saunas to stunning rooftop studios and cosy libraries with fireplaces.


Giving our guests a chance to disconnect is a priority at every one of our retreats, so we make sure that every accommodation is private and secluded. Far from the noise of cities or roads, enjoy access to acres of empty grounds and gardens and appreciate the chance to be present without any other distractions.


A biodynamic farm. A historical Portuguese townhouse. A traditional Minorcan finca. Our yoga and meditation retreats are exclusive experiences, so we always choose accommodation with a story. No matter where you stay, your surroundings have been carefully crafted and curated to offer something different, authentic, and truly special. 


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