September 2022

At Our Retreat, we make it our business to discover the undiscovered corners of the map in order to provide the perfect backdrop for rebalancing and restoring your mind, body and soul. If you’re dreaming of escaping to experience the best Italy has to offer all in one quiet, sparsely-populated and undiscovered region, Le Marche is for you. Recently voted the second best place to visit worldwide, here are our four best reasons why Le Marche should be at the top of list for your next Italian escape.

#1 | Untouched topography. 

Le Marche has vistas like no other. Sitting east of Tuscany, south of Umbrai and north of Abruzzo, the region of Le Marche is made up of 5 different provinces, and has long slipped under the travel radar. What does this mean in practice? You’re able to experience the true nature of Italy away from the impact and crowds of transitional tourism. Picture beautiful mountains, rivers, rolling hills, nestled between the drama of the Sibillini mountains and the glittering Adriatic coastline. Imagine embracing a luxuriously simple way of life featuring historic traditions and multi-generational recipes and artisan skills. Le Marche is untouched Italy at its absolute finest.  


#2 | Breathtaking beaches. 

Nowhere do the different elements of this beautiful landscape collide more than the Riviera del Conero. One of the jewels in Le Marche’s crown, it has beaches voted the best in Italy and Europe like the idyllic Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle. White cliffs adorned with aromatic woods frame cobalt blue Adriatic waters that lap onto pristine pebble beaches. Conero is a must see. If you’re after more than simply rolling out your beach towel, then watersports, hiking, cultural discoveries, and culinary traditions are all popular activities for the locals ‘in the know’.

#3 | Majestic mountains.

If you find luxury and tranquillity in nature, Lago di Fiastra is unmissable. 45 minutes from the coast and located at the foothills of the dramatic Sibillini mountains, you can either walk or cycle right round this beautiful emerald green lake. Alternatively if you’re feeling more energetic you can hike up to the Lame Rosse. This naturally formed marvel is affectionately known as the ‘mini grand canyon’ of Le marche. To sustain you on your travels you’ll experience Ciauscolo (a traditional local sausage) and lentils grown in the mountains from idyllic mountain lodges. 


#4 | Fantastic food.

Le Marche is a haven for truffle lovers and foodies alike. This varied landscape produces some of the best local produce in the country, authentically served up in traditional eateries. Whether you’re on the coast exploring the freshest local seafood, or have stumbled upon a hillside Agriturismo there is something for everyone. Think: luxurious truffles, fresh pasta, pizza, local wine, delicious desserts and Moscioli (a type of local mussel found only in this region). 


The bottom line…

If you’re inspired to start your own Italian adventure but also want to embark on a personal wellness journey then our Italian retreat is perfect. We believe that getting on a healthier path and the traditional holiday experience are not mutually exclusive. Our Retreat in Italy is designed to be inspiring, relaxing and unforgettable. To get a taste of a brand new lifestyle that will benefit you long after your return home, we like to think of Our Retreats as being a vacation for the soul. Due to the exclusive nature of Our Retreats, spaces are limited and Italy is no exception. Book now to avoid disappointment. We can’t wait to welcome you. 

Until next time, live luxuriously.

Our Retreat. x


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