Lottie Murphy

You may know Lottie as the hugely successful lifestyle blogger, Lottie Murphy. But her greatest expertise lies in Pilates. Lottie is a qualified and highly respected Pilates instructor who’s taught groups and individuals since her time training at the renowned Body Control Pilates in 2012.

Lottie credits the practice for keeping her uninjured throughout years of intense training at London’s Central School of Ballet and as a professional dancer in the years following.

The results for you

Pilates training with Lottie are fun, dynamic and more challenging than they look. You will worked from head to toe strengthening and stretching as well as improving your posture, coordination and core stability. will make your body more supple, strong and coordinated. Your posture and flexibility will automatically see improvements, too.

Besides the physical benefits of practicing Pilates, it also does wonders for your mindset. Lottie believes good alignment, breathing and mindfulness are all key to gaining the most out of your workout. Slow and precise movements that require your unwavering focus will leave you feeling calm and uplifted, so you will come away from each session with so much more than sore glutes and abs.

Training style

Your sessions with Lottie will be calm, flowing and fun, packed with dynamic movement and plenty of focus.

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