What to Expect From a Retreat With Us

3rd September 2019
by Lottie

Whether you’ve been on a retreat before or not, we feel we do things a little differently here at Our Retreat. We wanted to share a little insight into what to expect from retreat life with us.

We have a real family feel as all our trainers have been with us from the start and share the same values as us. Firstly that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle choice, not a chore. There’s no juice cleanses or calorie counting and rest is just as important as movement. With that being said we sure do move on our retreats, they’ll usually be 2 to 3 classes daily as well as a long walk or hike so you’ll be ready for a peaceful night’s sleep at the end of the day. So what else to expect…

1. To take a break from work and technology

Escape from the norm of your everyday life, constant emails and to-do lists and let us take care of things. We hope you’ll leave your laptop at home and embrace learning new things, meeting new people and developing new habits. The schedule is filled with activities which hopefully means you won’t be on your phone much and lots of people even enjoy turning it completely off for their time with us. You’ll find clarity of mind and sleep more deeply without the constant distraction of technology.

2. Enjoy routine and rituals

Every day will be different on retreat but there are some constants which give you a wonderful routine and help create new rituals to take home with you. You’ll wake up at the same time every day and enjoy warm lemon water. We also have set meals time which means you’ll be energised and focused
throughout the day.

3. Learn new skills

Our trainers are all experts in their fields and are fully there for you during the retreat so make the most of learning from them. The lovely thing about retreat life is that you don’t have to rush off anywhere after class but you can take time to practice poses or exercises and ask our trainers any questions you have. You will leave the week or weekend feeling like you have made real progress.

4. Eat well and be inspired

You’ll come away from the retreat with so many new ideas to get creative in the kitchen. Our meal times are very important at Our Retreat as we love food and socialising and believe healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. Every meal is different and you’ll even be able to see our chefs working away in the
kitchen and be truly inspired.

5. Make new friends

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people on retreat and come away with friends for life. We all support each other and by the end of the week, it feels like we’ve known each other forever.

6. Reflection

Being away from your usual home surroundings and routine allows the brain to work a little differently and you’ll find you have plenty of time for reflection. It’s also time away from your loved ones which means you can truly tune into you. Maybe realising it’s time for a career change or realise a relationship isn’t serving you or maybe simply reflect on all that you are grateful in your life. Your body and mind are relaxed on retreat so it’s a great time to listen to it.

A retreat is a time for self-care and learning and everyone’s experience is different but at Our Retreat, we rest assured that you will be looked after from start to finish as we create a positive comfortable environment for self-growth with the perfect balance of fitness, health, relaxation and wellness.


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