Reasons To Go Offline

10th February 2020
by Lottie

As you may know we are hosting our first official digital detox retreat this March and you may be wanting to know a little more about the benefits of going offline and how to take the steps to do so. We are inspired by none other than our digital detox retreat hosts Venetia and Max La Manna who claim to feel clearer, fresher, rejuvenated, sleep for longer hours and they felt calmer in themselves after there weekends offline.

Of course this isn’t an original idea, we all lived without phones at one point but we have become so dependent and addicted to our devices that sometimes we need to really implement some strict boundaries to help us get that balance back. Venetia and Max La Manna take 48 hours offline every single weekend and keep it up because they feel the benefits so much.

The fear tends to be that you’re going to miss out on something but once you realise that you really don’t miss a thing and that if people really need to get in touch with you then they will somehow. If you’re worried about that then give your closest people your landline or tell me where you are going to be just so you can relax knowing that they can reach you if they need to.

There’s other ways you can create a better relationship with your phone everyday too. Try switching your phone off an hour before bedtime and not having phones in the bedroom at all. There seems to be a lot of people talking about the benefits this can have on your sleep and hormones from not looking at that screen and being stimulated by content and information late at night. You can get a normal alarm clock or a lumie clock to help you wake up slower and more gently than waking up to your loud phone alarm.

Some other lovely reasons to go offline include that you feel so much more present in your surroundings, you are more likely to connect and chat with people, to feel less distracted and more in tune with your body, mind and energy. Little things like watching a film without getting WhatsApp messages or feeling like you need to scroll through instagram makes such a difference and makes activities so much more enjoyable.

So if you feel like you need a little kickstart into creating a better routine and more balance with technology than why not join us and Venetia and Max on our Offline Retreat from March 27-30th. They’ll be plenty of yoga, nourishing food, meditation, long country walks, rest and real life connection.

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